About Us

Founded in 2017, Vayak Global holds a key position in the market for providing Engineering, Security Surveillance, Home Automation, Networking and Solar solutions and services across PAN India.

With an overall man hours experience of more than 10 years and a proven track record of rendering a wide range of IT solutions to our clients in various sectors including Manufacturing, Trading, Services, Logistics, etc. We see to it that our Client gets the perfect match for their requirement and thus a value for money deal.

Vayak Global, HQ in Mumbai, India is a strong believer in ‘One Vendor Concept’ with one prime motto of fulfilling all of PAN India Companies IT, Security & Solar requirements under one roof.

With our top-notch Brand Associations and Experienced Professionals, we are known for successful and timely completion of projects with 360° of IT solutions for your Office, Residence, Commercial Buildings, Public Places, Roads, Factories, etc.

We specialize in following services:

  1. Computer - Servers, Laptops, SSD & Computer Peripherals
  2. Networking Devices – Routers, Managed & Unmanaged Switches, PoE’s, etc.
  3. Cables – All kind of networking Cables and Optical fiber
  4. Time & Attendance – Fingerprint, Face recognition, Biometrics, etc.
  5. CCTV Surveillance – All types of Analog & IP Cameras, NVR, DVR, etc.
  6. Home Automation – Google Assistance & Alexa based services
  7. Solar Resources – Solar Panels, Inverters, Controller, etc.

Have any queries or doubts, feel free to write us on support@vayak.in for all your inquires. Our company presentation can be downloaded by clicking here.